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Cinderella WHO? The play



Fairy godparents in therapy


Weslandia, the Musical is here!

The Magic Flute:RELOADED

Based on Mozart's Magic Flute. When Merton Mercudio is suspended from school for uncontrollable fighting we enter his imagination, the whimsical land of Droon. While seeking his princess, he learns anger management from King Meltdown, a rapping king, the new age Queen Lady Notsofast, a two-headed insult-slinging monster, and the cowardly but loveable Grumbo the Grindylow.


A Middle School Story

Middle school is a mine field. Albert G. List spends his first day confronting mean girls, suffering bullies, and befriending a creepy janitor as he searches in vain for his homeroom. The vice principal is after him, there are rumors of ghosts in the basement, the mean girls plot against his sister and the bullies pulverize his egg salad sandwich. Finally, after a surprise visit and pep talk from his idol, Spiderman, Albert decides to take charge, not only winning friends, but influencing people, and best of all, getting his revenge.


The Secret Garden

After losing her parents to a cholera epidemic in India, young Mary Lennox is sent to the English Misselthwaite Manor to stay with her uncle, Archibald Craven. Archibald, who has never recovered from the death of his wife, has had most of the mansion locked up, including his wife's beloved garden, and even his son, Colin, a sickly boy, to obliterate her memory. Mary, an unhappy girl herself, finds Colin, unlocks the secret garden and brings it to life. In her process of healing and self-discovery, she brings life back to Colin and Archibald Craven.

The Wind in the Willows Musical

To entertain his son, Kenneth Grahame wrote stories about the rich Mr. Toad, who steals a car and ends up in jail. The story's villains, the Weasels and Foxes, take over Toad's estate in his absence. Badger, Rat, and Mole come to the rescue, conquer the Weasels, and save Toad Hall from ruin. Interspersed with the animals' adventures we see how the stories were finally published for everyone to enjoy. The human and animal characters interplay at the climax of this play, which features beautiful, melodic music.



A Little Princess

Sara Crewe's devoted and wealthy father enrolls her in an exclusive girls school in Victorian London when he leaves for India. Left alone, Sara uses her powers of imagination, her wisdom, and her generosity to befriend the other girls, regardless of their age, intelligence, or heritage.

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