My children's theatre and middle school musicals are edgy, touching, magical and unique and are custom written for young actors. From catchy, tight dialogue to pop and Broadway style music, Frumi Cohen Musicals are easy to mount, reasonably priced, and inspiring to kids and to those who direct them.  I should know, I wrote and directed all of them with my middle school students!

  • Simple sets, large casts, production-ready CD accompaniment tracks
  • No need for music directors
  • Challenging subject matter and musical material for middle school theater and beyond
  • Unforgettable musicals for unforgettable kids

Watch this: The Making of a Middle School Musical: from auditions to encores...on YouTube


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Best Sellers

  • Weslandia, the Musical is here!

    Based on the book by Paul Fleischman

    You are a kid in sixth grade.  You don’t like pizza video games. You worry about global warming.  You have no friends in your class this year.  Actually you’ve never had friends in any class any year, only tormentors.  Even your parents think you’re strange.   One day...

  • Cinderella WHO? The play

    What if Cinderella isn’t Cinderella?  

    In this wickedly funny retelling of the fairytale, Cinderella’s true identity has been kept a secret from the world for two hundred years by her fairy godparents, because of their fateful mistake.

  • A Little Princess

    Miss Minchin is so MEAN! The classic story with challenging memorable music. Has been done with casts as small as 12 and as large as 75. Beautiful score. Themes of hope, destiny and friendship make this a great community show.

  • The Wind in the Willows Musical

    Ratty, Mole and Toad! The story of how Kenneth Grahame came to publish The Wind in the Willows is intertwined with Grahame's actual story. We meet Grahame's son, President Theodore Roosevelt in addition to the legendary Ratty, Mole and Toad...

  • A Middle School Story

    Mean girls, bullies and a ghost! Middle school is a mine field. Albert G. List spends his first day confronting mean girls, suffering bullies, and befriending a creepy janitor as he searches in vain for his...

  • The Secret Garden

    Growth and inspiration. After losing her parents to a cholera epidemic in India, young Mary Lennox is sent to the English Misselthwaite Manor to stay with her uncle, Archibald Craven...

  • The Magic Flute:RELOADED

    Pop and Hip Hop music! This teen coming of age comedy includes both a male and female protagonist.  Large chorus and many speaking parts accomodate a large cast.

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