Amy Crockett: M.V.P.

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Fifteen-year-old Amy Crockett is proud of being the only girl on the Bears, her school baseball team. At the close of their championship season, she suffers a paralyzing injury on the field and is confined to a wheelchair. Amy refuses to see her two best friends (James and Maya), isolating herself in her room with her computer. A colorful action figure (Icon) appears to her and draws her further into a digital fantasy world of games and glory.

Now it is the weekend before she is due to start school again and a far more sinister character (Game) emerges from her PC. He promises her an easier life, telling her she can trade her life for one in Computerland. Game wagers a bet with Icon that he can get Amy to sign her life away by the end of the weekend. Icon becomes Amy's champion, helping James, Maya and Amy defeat Game in this computer game fantasy and helps her to realize that every life, no matter how colorful and fantastic it appears has its ups and downs.


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