The Wind in the Willows Musical

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To entertain his son, Kenneth Grahame wrote stories about the rich Mr. Toad, who steals a car and ends up in jail. The story's villains, the Weasels and Foxes, take over Toad's estate in his absence. Badger, Rat, and Mole come to the rescue, conquer the Weasels, and save Toad Hall from ruin. Interspersed with the animals' adventures we see how the stories were finally published for everyone to enjoy. The human and animal characters interplay at the climax of this play, which features beautiful, melodic music.



"Even after 15 years, I am still known to known to hum the tune of The Wind in the Willows. It is such a beautiful and haunting melody. As our program grows, I definitely plan on doing more of your shows.”  Diane Crews, Theater Director


From the Script

Look here. If you've nothing on your schedule, suppose we drop down the river together and have a long day of it.

Mole (delighted)
Splendid. What a day I'm having! I came out for an adventure and what an adventure I am having. Thank you ever so much, Ratty. What's in this basket here?

Oh, that. That's our lunch. Coldchickencoldhamcoldtonguecoldbeef- pickledgherkinsaladfrenchrollscressant- sandwichespottedmeatgingerbeerlemonade- sodawater and fruitrollups.

Oh, stop, stop, this is too much. Fruit rollups?

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